College House

Location    Nos. 2-3 Townsend Street, Dublin 2 and the former Screen Cinema, Nos. 16-19 Hawkins Street, Dublin 2

Marlet Property Group Limited intends to develop a mixed-use landmark building at on a site of circa 0.288 ha at College House providing state-of-the-art office accommodation, a vibrant entertainment venue and a new public space, revitalising an under-performing area of Dublin’s City Centre.

The proposed development will provide state-of-the-art office facilities in the heart of the City in an elegantly designed structure that will improve the streetscape and contribute to the re-invigoration the area. The proposal includes a significant new entertainment venue as a replacement for the Screen Cinema that recognises the historic use of the site while meeting an identified gap in the market. This venue will bolster the cultural offering of Dublin and further enhance its national and international profile as a major cultural hub. The development will also consist of the provision of a new civic space to the south of the site at the junction of Hawkins Street and Townsend Street and a central courtyard. Both elements are designed to realise a safe and attractive environment for the public and encourage pedestrians to comfortably walk and linger.

Tom Phillips + Associates provided strategic advices to the Client at the initial feasibility stages of the project and was responsible for the preparation of the parent planning application for the scheme, which was granted full permission in 2017 on appeal to An Bord Pleanála.

Involvement    2016 – 2019

Client    Marlet Property Group

Architect    Henry J Lyons Architects

Visualisations    Henry J Lyons Architects

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