City Quay

Location  Nos. 13-18 City Quay, Dublin 2

The subject site, which is a long-vacant, brownfield, serviced site in a strategic location on the South Quays, is bounded by Gloucester Street to the south; Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (a Protected Structure), a Presbytery (also a Protected Structure) and City Quay National School to the west; City Quay to the north; and by Prince’s Street South to the east. The planning and development context of the lands is governed by both the Dublin City Development Plan 2011-2017 and also the George’s Quay Local Area Plan December 2012.

The Client required the delivery of state-of-the-art office accommodation on the site whilst complying with the requirements of the applicable LAP, which also required the preparation of a Masterplan for the City Block prior to Dublin City Council granting permission to develop the parcels of land either side of the Church. The Masterplan was prepared by Tom Phillips + Associates (TPA), in conjunction with the Client and Design Team in association with adjoining landowners, and submitted to the Local Authority on 10th February 2015. The planning application was subsequently prepared for the subject site.

In summary, the subject scheme proposed the development of a building with varying heights from 5 to 9 No. storeys over Basement Level comprising office accommodation at ground to eighth floor levels, a café (including ancillary takeaway) at ground floor level with associated external seating, 2 No. retail / restaurant units at ground floor level and plant room at eighth floor level. Importantly, the scheme includes a new civic space in the northern corner of the site adjacent to the proposed café to enhance the area’s public realm.

TPA provided strategic planning advice to the Applicant and Design Team and served as the Agent for the Planning Application and subsequent Further Information and Appeal stages. TPA prepared and coordinated a detailed Planning and Environmental Report and prepared appeal responses. Dublin City Council issued a Notification of Decision to Grant Permission for the scheme on 26th August 2015. Following the lodgement of a Third Party Appeal and the drafting and lodgement of a comprehensive response by TPA and the Design Team, the Board granted permission for the development on 16 March 2016.

Involvement    2014 – Ongoing

Client    Targeted Investment Opportunities PLC

Architect    Henry J Lyons Architects

Photos    Pedersen Focus Limited

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