Cork Science and Innovation Park (CSAIP) Masterplan

Location    University College Cork (UCC), Curraheen, Co Cork

This project involved the preparation of a Masterplan for UCC’s lands within the context of Cork Science and Innovation Park (CSAIP). The Cork Science and Innovation Park (CSAIP) at Curraheen is an ambitious long term development project which will deliver significant job creation and economic output. This key element of infrastructure will bring together researchers, entrepreneurs, academics and technology intensive enterprises, and will drive the innovation agenda regionally and nationally. Cork County Council developed its Framework Masterplan for the CSAIP in 2011, which sets out the overarching criteria for the development of the Science and Innovation Park in Curraheen.

The park is made up of six different development precincts, totaling approximately 70 ha. The total quantitative allocation of development (as per the Cork County Council Framework Masterplan) is 363,320 sq m. The University lands (Precinct 2) are located at the south-east of the park.  The overall area of UCC lands is 18.3 hectares and the quantitative allocation of development is 107,350 sq m.  It is proposed to develop the Precinct 2 lands on a phased basis using best international practice for the development of science and innovation parks. It is anticipated that the design and development of Precinct 2 will ensure that CSAIP will become a strategic employment location, an educational and re-search campus environment, a place of business, a public transportation node and an amenity area. UCC developed its Precinct 2 specific Masterplan in 2015, which supports the concepts and objectives detailed in the Cork County Council Framework Masterplan.  The Precinct 2 Masterplan will set the context for individual planning applications within the Precinct 2 development area.

Tom Phillips + Associates (TPA) provided strategic planning advice, planning overview of statutory planning framework regarding the site, review of the planning history of the lands that are relevant and review of architect’s indicative proposals. TPA also acted as key liaison with Cork County Council’s Planning Department and Design Team during the completion of the Masterplan and was primarily responsible for the preparation of the planning policy chapter of the Masterplan.

Involvement    2012 – 2014

Client    University College Cork (UCC)

Masterplan Architect    Reddy Architecture + Urbanism

CAISP Masterplan + Dental School Visualisations    Reddy Architecture + Urbanism

Boole Innovation Centre Visualisations    Henry J Lyons Architects

Health Innovation Hub (HIH) Visualisations    ABK Architects

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